Blue Sky Bound!!!

Today I received an offer from Blue Sky Studios to work as a character animator on the film Ice Age 3!

This will be my first in house job. I have done animation work, freelance, and I also did some animation work for ReelFX studios, on the film Open Season 2. But to date, i have yet to work in a studio face to face with other really talented people. So starting August 4th, the journey shall begin. I really have to thank all the people who have supported me through all this! With out my family and friends I defiantly wouldn’t be where I am now! Also a HUGE thanks to one of my mentors, Scott Caroll. He really helped my get in the doors at Blue Sky!

Well I’m off to get everything ready!

thanks alot!



Horton Hears a Who

Blue Sky did a fantastic job with Horton Hears A Who!! From an animation aspect, it was the best of the best. The freedom taken with how the characters are able to move was incredible. I cant wait to get the dvd so that i can frame through some of the inbetweens!!! Over all I think it was a really fantastic movie. Jim Carrey I think played himself a little to much, when instead he should have been playing horton, but aside from the somewhat cliche Jim Carrey acting the movie was simply amazing!!!!!

Kung Fu Panda

This movie was really well made. I thought jack black did a great job of playing the role of Po, and not Jack Black.¬† The animation was superb. The stylized movement and look really carried the film well. The Storyline was really well thought out and everything flows nicley without the audience being able to predict what will happen next. I though the film seemed so short. but you know what they say “time fly’s when your having fun”

So I give it 5 stars!


movie poster

movie poster

WALL-E is yet another masterpiece. Pixar studios have yet to disappoint. The amount of expression and sincerity produced by the characters in the movie, without the aid of real dialog is amazing. I’m so impressed with how this movie draws everybody in and keeps you right beside the characters the entire movie. I caught myself watching the movie and at one point i had stoped breathing…another point in the movie i found myself with a huge grin on my face. I thought to myself how amazing it is that something completely manufactured can seem so real and seem to have so much history and future. All I can say is WOW. Cant wait to see what your bring to the table next time!


Hello world!

Whats up everybody!

Ok well I’m in my last class at animation mentor. and I dont really have anything online right now that I can say what i think and sort of keep track of personal progress etc in the industry so i figure i would start a blog.

I hope some people find it amusing and fun!

thats all for now!