Rapunzel, Disney classic in the making.

I’m not sure how old or new these images are, but from what I have seen thus far. the film feels very Majestic and truley retains that classic Disney charm!

here are the images that can be Dug up from the wild west of the internet – Google…









6 Responses

  1. Soooo excited for you Malcon!

  2. Hey Malcon, I just wanted to say your 11 second club was incredible, now I see you’re on to bigger and better things, best of luck on Rupunzel, it looks quite amazing!!

    • Thanks Trent! I really liked yours aswell!
      thanks again! yes it looks like a super fun project!
      talk to you soon

  3. these image look great … i know tangled is coming out on nov. 24, 2010

    but do you know what the whole plot of the story or what it going to be about in details???

    thank malcon 🙂

    • I do in fact know the entire story in detail… But for everybody not working on the film.. you’ll just have to wait 😉
      Maybe check out the previews in front of yoy story 3. Who knows what could pop up.

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