Tangled Teaser

Here is the Teaser for Tangled. We have about 6 weeks or so left in animation and we’re all getting really excited for people to see the film. I hope you like what you see.



3 Responses

  1. So awesome! Congrats to everyone there Malcon! This is really turning out great! I love how fleshy and squishy all the anatomy looks. Her bare feet are so flexible for CG! Love it!

    Are any of the shots you’ve worked on in the teaser by chance?

    Can’t wait to see the finished product!

    • Thanks! Yeah we’re very excited about the film.
      I worked on the last shot of Rapunzel where she pulls back and is giggling.
      Quite a few of these shots were done just for the teaser though. But its a fun movie to work on for sure.
      Thanks again

  2. Hey Malcon, seriously awesome! Love how this is going to look! the organic feel of the animation is really appealing, and the character designs as well!

    Looks like a really fun project to work on! Cant wait to see it in theatres!

    Btw, do you still have time to finish your shortfilm? 😉 cause i love it!

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