Animators of Tangled!

This is a video Made by a very talented animator Claudio de Oliveira of all of the animators from Tangled. Thanks Claudio! Awesome video!




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  1. Hey Melcon!

    Hopefully this message gets through your guards, killer office dogs and agent, but just wanted to say that it was great to meet you at Disney today and see what you have been up too on tangled – the film is looking amazing and can’t wait to see it. So congrats!

    Speak soon!

  2. Hey Malcon!

    Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving weekend and have eaten your weight in turkey! 🙂

    I was able to see Tangled at the Disney Studio on Sunday night and just wanted to say congrats on doing such an amazing job on a fantastic film. The story, songs and animation are really top notch.

    I think it is the first 3D film that has really captured the feeling and look of the classic 2D Disney fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty.

    What blew me away the most though was the personality of Rapunzel and how she moved. She was not the normal girly princess or tomboy sassy type that has been used so much in animation recently. She moved and behaved like a real girl. She had her girly moments, but they felt natural (the shots of her in guilt were so funny) and she was competent and able to look after herself in the bar and with the frying pan without coming across sassy and too heavy on the attitude. Really amazing character to watch.

    Seen it has done great in the box office too – so congrats again!

    Speak soon!


  3. Hey Malcon, I’ve just seen Tangled. Im completely blown away, stupendous job. This is a Disney classic through and through. You guys have a lot to be proud of!

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