New Demo Reel!

This is my 2011 demoreel! I finally had a chance to update it. Hope you like it!




12 Responses

  1. Amazing stuff Malcon! You came a long way since we were on AM. Congratulations man!

    Hope I can achieve something like that in the future.

    Take care!

  2. Thanks Fernando! I’m sure you’ll have much luck!

  3. Sweet and polished facial animation makes me attached to the characters=)
    Keep up and looking forward for more of your works!

  4. Hey Malcon. Fantastic work you did on Tangled. All the animation on Tangled has so much appeal. Feels like it captured the warm lush feel of the 2D classics in a 3D movie. That is a unique accomplishment and hearing that you guys were on a tight deadline with a small team makes it even more amazing. Keep rocking!

  5. Great works brother………

  6. Hey Malcon. The new reel looks amazing!! Your work keeps getting so much better. I always look forward to seeing your next piece of awesome animation!!

  7. Malcon! Man, I’m so glad to know that you are the on who animated some of my favorite shots from the movie!
    Keep it up man! Really inspiring work!

  8. Stunning work Malcon! Well done mate.

  9. Hello Malcon!!
    I’m an illustrator and an animator (I’m doing a Maya Master). I watched your Reel an d it’s really good!!! I would like to work with you someday at Disney Studios.

  10. Awesome work Malcon!!

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