Now mentoring, tutoring, and critiquing animation at AnimatedBuzz!

I’m now Mentoring, tutoring, and critiquing animation at AnimatedBuzz!
Check out the site. Just click the link, upload your work, and you’ll get detailed feedback, suggestions, and Ideas on your personal animation!


3 Responses

  1. Hey Malcon, glad to hear that , is a cool site, is it we will get video critique or feedback in word ?

  2. Yes with Animated buzz an artist gets a written critique on his or her work.
    I’m also working on a site called animationhomeschool. Basicly that would be a tutoring site. So artists can get mentored, tutored, or just get crits. But the difference is that Animation Home School, works over skype.
    Thanks again!

    • yeah, just check it out, is cool, for Animation Home School, how much for 1 session ? I might be interested 🙂

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