Sign up for my Expert acting workshop! These have been alot of fun!



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  1. I am so glad you are going to work for Disney. Your work is wonderful. I have been telling everyone some of the stories of your Daddy’s. He was so much fun to work with, he kept us laughing all the time

  2. Hi Nelson!
    Did you see Avatar… Anything is possible.
    thanks for the comment! I too love the Disney classics.

  3. Malcon

    I have just finished with animation mentor. Unfortunately I failed the advanced acting class twice, and the other classes before that I scraped through with C’s and a B. My last acting piece still needs a lot of work. I think it was because I was trying to make the transition from doing bombastic pieces to doing more natural ones. I am now looking for a mentor to do another advanced acting shot lasting 8 weeks starting at the beginning of August. I have a specific time schedule to follow worked out on my site and I want to keep doing acting shots until I get to a good standard. Can you help? I still have a long way to go until I am up to any real standard. I dont really want to go back to the basics again because I feel like I have a grasp of that already and I cant afford to do another term at AM so thats why I have worked out my own timetable which is something I have been developing for myself during my progress at AM. I was recommended this site by another fellow student because it offered affordable critiques. The main problem for me has been getting to the polishing stage with arcs, hands, lip synch, eyes, etc, etc. My reel is on my site. I am hoping that if I keep practicing that I will get to a good standard eventually.


    • Chris I’d deffinetly look into Animsquad. the focus (for my workshop) is plussing your acting chobs by thinking about the Character and posing. Its been a blast so far! You’ll find its less about arcs and more about the intent of the character. Polish comes later. Acting is the hard thing to learn! Best of luck!

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